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Work | 05.09.2016

Why building a chat bot to recruit uni students was the idea that had to happen

In a world first, Hardhat and Deakin teamed up to create a Facebook Messenger bot designed to help high school leavers discover the perfect course to lead to the perfect career. The Deakin Explore Bot (D.E.B.) started chatting with high-school leavers on the 1st of September, 2016.

Whilst chatbots are a relatively new and untried communication medium, D.E.B. conforms with these 3 underlying marketing principles which have lead to hundreds of people chatting to her within the first 48 hours of D.E.B. being born:

1. Fish where the fish are

According to research from Datafication, there are currently over 10.5 million active messaging app users in Australia, with 3.4 million of those using them as their primary form of contact. The target audience of 17-18 year old school leavers over-indexes within these statistics given their affinity with technology.  We knew that we needed to subtly blend into their everyday lives in order to achieve the highest impact.  To interact with D.E.B. you simply add ‘Deakin Explore Bot’ on Facebook Messenger and she’ll say Hi!

2. Speak their language

Using the Facebook Messenger platform was the first step in blending in with the lives of high-school leavers, but we didn’t stop there.  If the chat started with “Hi, do you like environmental science or physiotherapy more?”, the chat would feel forced and unnatural.  Instead, after introducing herself “the most powerful careers advisor in the world”, D.E.B. asks relevant, colourful ‘would you rather’ style questions to subtly uncover the psychological preferences for each person she chats with.  Would you rather kick back and chill with environmental hero Al Gore or sporting superstar Novak Djokovic?

3. Talk to the right people at the right time

Like all great digital work, D.E.B. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  She’s ready to help whenever anyone wants to chat with her.  D.E.B. will be promoted through social media channels which allows us to be incredibly targeted.  We know exactly who we want to chat with D.E.B.  So if you’re 17-18 years old, based in or around Melbourne and searching university related terms on google, don’t be surprised if you see this D.E.B. video in your facebook feed.


Article details Author: Dave Hall
Client Onboarding
Published: 05.09.2016


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