Kay & Burton ups the bidding with new website banner
Work | 05.09.2017

Kay & Burton ups the bidding with new website

Many of us have trawled through real estate websites on the search for that next place to call home and found the experience less than satisfactory – right? So when Kay & Burton came to us to redesign their website, we understood the value it could add to the business and – most importantly – its customers.

To set Kay & Burton apart from their competition and cement their luxury positioning online, we went about creating a best in class user experience.

The result? Well just one look at the property pages will give you an indication of Kay & Burton’s commitment to excellence. With their attention to detail and passion for the properties and suburbs they represent, the premium service they offer is there for all to see.

The new website reflects the 78-year history of the business in a modern, sleek way, while also emphasising the prestige of the properties. We hope it makes the job of house hunters that much easier as well.

Article details Author: Tom Webster
Partnerships Manager
Published: 05.09.2017


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