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Events | 09.03.2017

Gazing into the future at Real Big Things #17

When we woke on the morning of Friday 24 February, it was clear that the day was going to be better, stronger and faster than most. The air felt different and it surely could only have been due to the fact that Real Big Things #17 was taking place. It should also be mentioned that for the first time, it was all about to unfold at the incredibly grand Astor Theatre.

Coffees were downed and pastries were scoffed. Then, before a crowd of over 200 people, six speakers transformed the room one by one with their ‘future gazing’ discussions.

The first half saw James Tonkin explore metacognition, Pietro Di Marzo reveal the possibilities of body augmentation and Simon Kearney give us an insight into the way that sport is utilising new technologies. Then, Michael Fearne made us feel a little bit less guilty about skipping meetings, Sue White blew our minds by delving into the intricacies of genomics and Dara Simpkin won us over by explaining how play can make us more productive.

If you missed out – shame on you! But actually, because we used Facebook Live to stream it to the masses, you can catch up on what you missed here and then here.

Real Big Things #18 is coming up on Friday 26 May. Tickets are already on sale and trust us, you’re going to want to be part of our coming-of-age celebrations.


Article details Author: Bryanna
Published: 09.03.2017


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