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Work | 11.09.2015

Deakin takes flight into the world of virtual reality

Who needs regular reality when you’ve got virtual reality?

In August, we launched into the world of VR with Deakin’s Flight DX3K. The installation took the form of a reimagined campus tour, with 360 degree video captured by drones as they flew over all four of Deakin’s campuses. The footage was then stitched together to form a cohesive ‘glass elevator’ type experience.

To help bring the tour to life, we built a bespoke seven-metre futuristic ‘cube’ that projected the footage on all five walls and the floor. Students were able to share the virtual reality experience with a group of friends, family and strangers, something that can’t be achieved through traditional VR headsets.

Flight DX3K first launched at Deakin University’s Waurn Ponds Open Day in the Virtual Reality Cave and then again at the Burwood Open Day before 15,000 prospective students and their families. Over the course of the two Open Days, over 1,400 visitors lined up to take part in the flight.

For Deakin, the installation gave potential students a real world example of their commitment to innovation and technology, firmly cementing their reputation as a university that is future focused.


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Published: 11.09.2015


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