Birds Eye is making their fans’ days delicious banner
Work | 15.07.2015

Birds Eye is making their fans’ days delicious

We’re helping Birds Eye spread the deliciousness yet again with the launch of the new Make Your Day Delicious Facebook competition. The competition was created to help spread the awareness of Birds Eye’s Deli range, including their new Deli Roast potatoes.

Running on Facebook for two weeks, there’s a new prize to give away every day. Winning fans will make their day a little more delicious with prizes such as an Endota Spa gift voucher, a voucher for new PJs from Peter Alexander as well as plenty of tasty products from the Deli range.

Take a look and try your luck at scoring some swag here.

Article details Author: Venetia
Copywriter, Content Creator + Community Manager
Published: 15.07.2015


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