Every Second. Always On.

The challenge

Despite making up less than 4% of road users in Victoria, motorcyclists are overrepresented in road trauma, accounting for 15% of deaths and serious injuries. With a spike in deaths in the first half of 2019, many not alcohol or drug related, but instead involving riders over 40 simply enjoying a scenic ride on country roads, VicRoads needed a campaign to remind motorcyclists to ride within their limits and refresh their rule knowledge and road skills.

An unrealistic expectation that things will go right... overestimating our life expectancy and our likelihood of success, while at the same time, underestimating our chances of negative outcomes.

Behavioural insight  |  The Optimism Bias

The solution

Instead of just blaming riders for the rise in fatalities, our 'Every Second, Always On.' campaign reminded them, and other road users, just how much mental and physical application riding a motorcycle safely demands.

With research telling us that there was no single reason for the recent spike in motorcyclist fatalities, we needed a campaign message that could cover a wide range of factors and work across many media platforms.

Our simple, but powerful message of 'Every Second. Always On.' reached riders across cinema, TV, OOH, print and social channels, with messaging directing them to an online hub where riders could test their road and rule knowledge, plus find out about some of Victoria's best riding routes.

The results

Within weeks of the campaign launching the website was inundated with traffic. Over 10,000 people completed the quiz and the campaign was discussed widely on motorcycle forums, websites and featured in mainstream media. Most importantly, the road toll for motorcyclists in Victoria was down 12% in the year following the campaign.

See where riders can improve their skills on the bike and check out the test.


people completed the quiz
decrease in road toll