Victoria University
Build Your Block, Build Your Future

The challenge

From ‘Promote Open Day’ to ‘Make Open Day’. The onset of COVID-19 gave Victoria University (VU) a little under four months to completely reinvent their Open Day experience. What has historically been the biggest recruitment event of the year - complete with campus tours, back to back info sessions, food trucks and live entertainment - needed to be reimagined for the ‘stay at home’ world we found ourselves in.

An emotional bias that causes individuals to over-value objects they possess, or feel as though they possess, over those they do not.

Behavioural insight  |  Endowment effect

The solution

Cue The Block, a highly personalised, interactive, 3D object determined by users’ skills, interest areas and movements around the site. The Block uses a bespoke algorithm to drive more targeted and individualised content, ensuring that the biggest day of the year remains a tangible and enjoyable experience for prospective students.

Much like VU’s students, no two blocks are the same, with over 100 million different configurations available.

To drive interest, registrations and traffic, we developed a campaign inviting prospective students to ‘Build Your Block, Build Your Future’. The campaign, which rolled out across key recruitment channels including social, digital and radio, focused on the immersive, personalised experience that we knew would set VU’s Open Day apart.

The results

VU’s first virtual Open Day saw registration figures skyrocket from the previous year, with thousands visiting the site to build their Block and experience VU’s ‘New Way To Do Uni’.

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uplift in registrations year on year
page views on open day
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