Road Safety Education Victoria

The challenge

Road Safety Education Victoria (RSEV) is a newly launched partnership between the Victorian Government Road Safety Partners, including the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), Public Transport Victoria (PTV), and Victoria Police (VicPol).

The RSEV partnership was created to deliver best-practice road safety educational programs and resources – from early childhood to Year 12 students. It also speaks directly to wide-ranging audiences – from young and novice drivers to families, local government authorities and the general community.

To enable the new brand to play its part in Victoria’s Road Safety Strategy of eliminating death and reducing serious injury from our roads by 2050, Hardhat was engaged in the design and development of a new brand identity and resource hub that would provide better access to evidence-informed road safety resources and education online.

Refers to our tendency to reduce the value of things that are further into the future, while overvaluing things in the here and now.

Behavioural insight  |  Temporal Discounting

The solution

Like chevrons on a highway, our fresh identity provided clear brand guidance and visual way-finding to align the multiple organisations under a new umbrella name. We created a website that provides more centralised access to evidence-based road safety education programs and tools, including detailed lesson plans.

Wayfinding inspired by road signage, safety iconography and movement allowed educators to easily browse, bookmark and download road safety education resources they need. Adding a natural language form alongside intuitive categorisation and filtering for individual audience groups streamlined access to the right resources in seconds.

Engaging and energetic, the design system balances clarity with a lively, active tone, inspiring educators and students to be invested and involved in road safety.

The results

The successful launch of RSEV marks the start of a long line of purpose-driven initiatives set to positively influence behaviour change on the roads, as outlined in Victoria’s Road Safety Strategy. With the right springboard for content and design systems in place, TAC has the tools to continue educating more Victorians on road safety.