Your Money, Your Move

The challenge

In Australia, online trading platforms had seen little innovation since their launch in 1997. Not only was the user experience archaic, but the high transaction fees and lack of transparency were relics of a bygone era.

Superhero has been designed for today’s mobile, social and eCommerce first users, with an intuitive online experience and ultra-competitive pricing to match. The launch campaign needed to capture Superhero’s spirit, build trust, make its proposition clear and convince traders - new and old - to jump on board.

A cognitive bias that causes us to take an initial, positive impression of a person, product or brand, and extend it to other areas.

Behavioural insight  |  Halo Effect

The solution

Identify the tension points, then champion the solutions in language that is uniquely Superhero. From banners to bus sides, social feeds to EDMs, we gave trading ‘a kick up the ASX’, encouraged traders to ‘exchange their brokers’ and to use the new platform to ‘get their fair shares’. All messages laddered up to the strategic company positioning ‘Your Money. Your Move.’ which signals to users and competitors that Superhero does things differently.

The results

‘Your Money. Your Move’ struck an immediate chord with Aussie investors. The campaign goal of bringing in 10,000 customers in the first year was achieved within the first three weeks. In fact, Superhero added over 25,000 users in its first three months alone.

Since launch, the momentum has continued with thousands more customers joining the platform, followed by a wave of organic PR across every major mainstream publication.


New users
Sign up per minute in first 3 weeks