The Gift Card For Every Thing

The challenge

Traditional gift cards come with a stigma that is hard to shake. They're last minute, impersonal and completely devoid of joy or personality. Need a last-minute Father’s Day present and can’t think of a gift that dear old Dad would love to receive... give him a gift card!

Our challenge was to develop a flexible brand proposition and visual language that could energise the category and was befitting of the company name.

A cognitive bias that causes us to take an initial, positive impression of a person, product or brand, and extend it to other areas.

Behavioural insight  |  Halo Effect

The solution

Special was created to bring thoughtfulness back to gifting. Once we had our brand platform, The Gift Card For Every Thing, we created a simple brand proposition - express your unique connection through gifting. From here, we needed to ensure all branding was so them, so right, so unique… so Special.

Turning our attention to visually and verbally portraying the brand, we developed a complete brand identity and style guide. To develop Special’s unique personality, we created a playful tone with a hint of wit that comes across as delighted, confident, and humble with bright colours, quirky vector characters, brand shapes and patterns.

We then applied these principles to create a contemporary, eye-catching website, app, and brand collateral to create a brand that thoroughly lives up to its name.

The results

A rebranded platform that was adaptable, scalable and distinctive. Since launch, Special has made its mark, standing out from the sea of sameness in its category. The next step? Designing an experience to match.


  • Recognition

  • W3 awards - GOLD for Art Direction for Website W3 awards - SILVER for Consumer Goods for Websites