Simply Energy
Digital Customer Experience

The challenge

When your name starts with ‘Simply’, it sends a pretty clear message about what customers should expect when they interact with you; an experience that’s fast, intuitive and easy to understand.

From a business perspective, the opportunity was to win more customers online, while making it easier for the 700,000 Australians already with Simply Energy to manage their usage, their bills and their accounts.

A cognitive bias that causes us to take an initial, positive impression of a person, product or brand, and extend it to other, unrelated areas. As more and more customer interactions move online, the importance and impact of a brand’s ‘Digital Halo’ is larger than ever.

Behavioural insight  |  Halo Effect

The solution

Since 2019, we've worked hand in hand with Simply Energy to completely redesign, rebuild and then iterate their digital ecosystem. From creating a new overarching design system, through to overhauling customer sign up journeys, the ‘my account’ experience and the help centre, every touchpoint has been improved (and continues to be improved) through ongoing research, co-design, prototyping and user testing.

The results

With each major release, Simply Energy has experienced significant upticks in performance. The speed at which Simply is now able to design and spin up pages in house has accelerated, enabling the brand to respond to changes in the market in a more dynamic way. Whilst we continue to improve and iterate the online experience each day, early wins have included:

– 145% increase in visitors progressing to check out

– 70% increase in checkout completion

– 116% increase in customer self service via the revamped ‘Help and Support’ section

– A more enjoyable user experience and better search engine rankings due to pages loading 40% faster



increase in traffic to checkout
lift in checkout completion
growth in customer self service
improvement in page load times