Four'N Twenty
Save Our Slang

The challenge

A Four'N Twenty meat pie was once synonymous with Australia. But in recent times, the brand has gone quiet and its iconic status was in danger of fading into a thing of the past. So, it was time to find a way back into the hearts, minds and stomachs of consumers around the nation.

We can't help but overvalue the things that we own. Let's remind Australians that Four'N Twenty is one of those things.

Behavioural insight  |  The Endowment Effect

The solution

The solution was a two-phased campaign dubbed 'Save Our Slang' — a bold cry for Aussies to help instil a bit of pride back into this much-loved brand by slinging their favourite true blue, fair-dinkum Aussie slang.

All round ripper bloke and brand ambassador Jonathan 'Browny' Brown starred in the social media campaign videos, which pushed fans to vote for the slang they wanted to save.

The most popular terms were then emblazoned on Four'N Twenty packaging, which also contained promotional barcodes. When entered online, these gave punters the chance to win branded Four'N Twenty merchandise, including stubby holders, caps and budgie smugglers.

The results

While the campaign certainly got Australians talking about Four'N Twenty, it also generated thousands of dollars of free publicity and spiked demand, causing meat pie shortages for much of the campaign period. The highly shareable 'slang'-enhanced packaging generated organic reach of 1 million on social.


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