Melbourne Airport

The challenge

Melbourne Airport undertook its most significant update in five decades. With 30 million passengers and 200,000 flights a year, Melbourne Airport's existing website also needed a large-scale upgrade. Hardhat was engaged in designing and creating a user-friendly, accessible digital customer experience that represented the Melbourne Airport brand and encapsulated the essence of Melbourne's culture and identity.

Halo Effect is a cognitive bias that causes us to take an initial, positive impression of a person, product or brand and apply it broadly to encompass their entire being.

Behavioural insight  |  Halo Effect

The solution

Balance the needs of travellers, stakeholders, airlines and the wider Melbourne airport community by providing a seamless, stress-free experience to explore what the airport, its partners, and Melbourne have to offer.

We created a mobile-first, digital customer experience that was more 'Melbourne' than 'Airport', inspired by the sophistication, creativity, excitement and contemporary nature that is one of the world’s most liveable cities. The stylish, modern design reflects Melbourne's contemporary aesthetic and features easy-on-the-eyes dark and light modes.

We ensured the website's concise, enhanced, concierge-like, full screen search capabilities empowered passengers to explore Melbourne Airport's wide range of offerings. Every detail has been beautifully crafted to smoothly orient passengers through their designated terminal, from immersive on-site shopping and dining directories to in-the-moment updates. Live flight cards have been designed to emulate physical tickets and allow users to pin their flights to the menu or choose to receive live flight notifications via social media and in browser. The parking experience is centred around easily comparable options and a stress-free booking widget.

The results

The new website merges best-in-class usability with a distinctly Melbourne aesthetic that provides an elevated airport experience. The website also featured updates on the latest happenings in Melbourne, further encouraging visitors to explore the city.