Lite n' Easy
Just good food n' great results

The challenge

Lite n’ Easy is an Australian icon, having changed the way hundreds of thousands of Aussies lose weight and stay healthy. For over 35 years, the business has worked with expert dieticians and top chefs to create delicious, fresh meals that never compromise on taste, quality or convenience.

Our challenge was to extend the brand's proposition from ‘weight loss’ to ‘life gain’ and in doing so, broaden the appeal for everyday Australians looking for ways to save time and feel healthier. Importantly, we needed to retain the trust and credibility in healthy weight loss that the brand had built up over decades.

The Fresh Start Effect describes the tendency to take action toward a goal after events that signify new beginnings, such as a new week, month, or year.

Behavioural insight  |  Fresh Start Effect

The solution

Build the new brand positioning around the irrefutable insight that Lite n' easy is the proven partner when you decide "today's the day". Unlike food fads, diets or crazes, there is nothing revolutionary about Lite n' Easy. Their science-based, delicious, all-in-one approach to weight loss and healthy eating, facilitated by a team of top experts has been supremely effective for decades.

We started by revamping the primary way customers interacted with Lite' n Easy, crafting a new site that not only supported the fresh positioning, but dramatically improved the overall user experience. The new site featured a more streamlined navigation, refined colour use, a more modern tone and a reinvigorated photography style.

Confident that the new site would deliver on the new promise, we launched a bold new campaign that poked fun at the ridiculousness of fad diets. ‘Just good food n' great results’ talks squarely to everyday Australians and highlights the brands long proven, but non revolutionary approach to health.

The results

A brand platform already propelling Lite n' Easy to success with a new wave of consumers.