Lite n' Easy
User Experience

The challenge

Lite n’ Easy revolutionised the way millions of Australians lose weight and stay healthy. In 2023, the brand was set to launch a new creative platform and major campaign. At the same time, Lite n’ Easy needed to rethink its ageing website and digital customer experience.

The existing site was primarily designed around weight loss, when in reality, many customers came to Lite n’ Easy for convenience, delicious food and better all round health - something that was only going to accelerate with the new comms.

Hardhat was engaged to transform the brand’s digital experience, with a focus on giving more customers, with more diverse needs, the confidence to place their first order.

Enter the Choice Paradox. So called because we love the idea of choosing, but are quickly overwhelmed by choice.

Behavioural insight  |  Choice Paradox

The solution

Make the website lighter and easier to use as, over time, it had become bloated and overly complex. We streamlined the user experience by trimming down the site map and simplifying the navigation. Importantly, we implemented a new, easy-to-use pack recommender that makes ordering intuitive for new customers without alienating those who have trusted the brand for years.

Subtle interaction design underpinned by behavioural science make browsing and signing up on the new site a breeze, no matter the device you’re on.

The relaunch provided an opportunity to continue contemporising the brand, which we did with a refined colour palette, subtle animation and a fresh, upbeat tone of voice. To further activate customers' appetites, we also introduced a reinvigorated photography style.

The results

We revamped the primary way customers interacted with Lite' n Easy, crafting a new site that not only supported the fresh positioning, but dramatically improved the overall user experience.

Confident that our new site would deliver on the new promise, we launched a bold new campaign that poked fun at the ridiculousness of fad diets. ‘Just good food n' great results’ talks squarely to everyday Australians and highlights the brand's long proven results driven, but non revolutionary approach to health.


  • Recognition

  • w3 Awards 2023 - GOLD winner for 'General Website: Food & Beverage'// w3 Awards 2023 - GOLD winner for 'Website Features: Best User Experience'