Quick Smart

The challenge

After 14 years of quietly growing to become Australia’s leading eCommerce retailer, 2020 was the year for to go from ‘top of search’ to ‘top of mind’. As Aussies turned to the internet for more products than ever before, turned to mass media for its first major brand campaign. The launch spots needed to drive traffic and sales by showcasing the breadth of range (more than 10 million products!) in a way that was bold, distinctive and memorable.

The framing effect refers to how we can interpret the same information differently depending on the way in which it is presented.

Behavioural insight  |  The framing effect

The solution

‘Quick Smart’ was our platform, as well as our approach to mid-lockdown production. Each ad features a handpicked selection of items, plucked from the farthest corners of’s range, tied together in a way that lets the brand’s personality show.

The three original spots have been followed up with a second series for the festive season, as well as edits for a multitude of social and digital channels.

The results

As the first ads hit the airwaves,’s key metrics skyrocketed. In the first six months of the campaign running, the business added over a quarter of a million new customers whilst doubling sales and profits on the previous year. Off the back of these strong results, the shares and market capitalisation also hit all time highs, catapulting into an ASX150 business worth over $2 billion.


thousand new customers
YOY sales growth
YOY profit growth