Clickin' Awesome

The challenge

Efficiency is essential for every business, but for, it's the centrepiece of the brand's success. To solidify, the Kogan team asked us to build on our previous work together by building a new brand platform and launching's most extensive campaign in its 18-year history. Focus group research had identified the most significant growth opportunity lay in assisting prospective customers to understand how kept its prices so low. Hardhat was engaged in demonstrating how.

Effort Bias describes how we ascertain the quality or worth of an object by our perception of how much time and effort went into it. We wanted to demonstrate to customers the dedicated effort and negotiating skills that goes on behind the scenes to keep prices low.

Behavioural insight  |  Effort Bias

The solution's superpower has long been its sourcing and negotiating skills. In fact, the entire buying team is comprised of the exact type of people we'd love to have with us when we're negotiating to buy a car, home loan or a big-screen TV (if we could).

Our opportunity was to bring these heroes to life using our 'Clickin' Awesome’ platform. Multiple TVCs were accompanied by a string of cheeky radio spots, digital and social assets and a range of 'show don't tell' billboards.

The results

Clickin' Awesome is a testament to the power of thinking outside the billboard. When consumers ask themselves, 'How on earth does keep prices so low?' they're psychologically primed to think about working harder to get a better deal. Since its launch, the campaign has driven an immediate lift in key metrics, including awareness, consideration, site visitation and NPS*. *Based on Flood Partners brand tracking data.