Tax-Free Australia

The challenge

Following our Gruen debut in 2019 (Double the Clever), we were invited back for a second creative showdown in 2020. The brief this time? Convince the Gruen panel, and the rest of Australia, that the country would be better off as a tax-free society.

"There’s so much grey area when it comes to taxation, and there’s probably no perfect solution. Putting aside some of our own personal beliefs that we do need taxation, we had some fun taking a cheap shot at a very expensive issue."

Behavioural insight  |  Glenn Dalton, Executive Creative Director

The solution

Like all good stories, we started with an undeniable truth, wrapped it in creativity and made it abundantly clear what we wanted our audience to do; “stop their money going to the knobs in Canberra”.

The results

We managed to run an ad about knobs on the ABC which is a win in its own right. As far as the trophy, we picked up another half, which is fully tax deductible.