Green's Behind The Scenes

The challenge

Green’s Baking has been Australia’s favourite maker of cake mixes, pancakes, brownies and cookies for over forty years. With competition in the category heating up, Green’s needed to draw a line in the cake tin and explain why Green’s tastes so much better.

Our tendency to judge the quality of an item based on how much time and effort we think went into creating it.

Behavioural insight  |  Effort Bias

The solution

In early discussions with the client, we learnt there were additional steps in the production process Green’s takes that others don’t. These steps result in softer, fluffier and yummier products. To bring this ‘unseen effort’ front and centre, we created ‘Green’s Behind the Scenes’.

Hardhat collaborated with renowned design studio Flux Animation to create Greeny — an adorable little green baker in a series of short, animated spots that champion the extra attention, dedication and care that Green’s put into every delicious product.

The results

‘Green’s Behind the Scenes’ opens the door to a brand character that is already growing far beyond its first appearance. Since the campaign launch, we’ve seen a 10% jump in sales, puting Green’s top of mind, and front of shelf for Aussie shoppers.


Increase in sales
New brand assets