Plus One

The challenge

Canned vegetables: a supermarket purchase that felt like it belonged to a bygone era. Category stalwarts Edgell came to us seeking a transformation. Something that would ultimately have a whole new generation of connected consumers buying an extra can of veggies a year.

Enhancing an existing behaviour is far easier than creating a new one.

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The solution

While recipe development is a timeless strategy, it wasn't right for a brand like Edgell. Instead, we knew it would be far more successful to take an existing consumer behaviour and tweak it in our favour. And so, Plus One was born — an online recipe hub featuring popular recipes (backed by data from Google Trends, blogs and social media) we knew people already loved remixed by Edgell's culinary team to include one more veggie. Brownies plus beetroot. Sausage rolls plus peas. Lasagne plus lentils. And on it went.

The new and improved recipes were styled, filmed and photographed, then shared on Edgell's (subsequently) thriving social media channels.

The campaign was progressively expanded to include strategic partnerships with leading bloggers as well as native advertising, print, outdoor and TV.

The results

Private labels are always looming in the FMCG industry, but we were able to grow and maintain Edgell's lead.


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