Job Done

The challenge

Relaunch a dormant brand amongst the noise from well-established competitors.

The memory of an occasion is far more important than the experience itself. It’s the memory, not the experience, that drives our likelihood to talk about, repeat or recommend whatever it is we’ve just done.

Behavioural insight  |  Peak End Rule

The solution

More than a job listing site, we positioned CareerOne as the job-finding one. Simple, memorable and ownable, ‘CareerOne Job Done’ celebrates that feeling of finding not just a job, but the right job – thanks to its AI powered search algorithm.

With CareerOne being an online-only company, we worked with our media partners to get the brand name seen beyond the thumb-traffic of social and amongst the foot traffic of society with an above-the-line buy including OOH, TVC and radio.

The results

Our campaign got the job done for CareerOne. Since the campaign launched, the transition towards a more playful campaign has allowed CareerOne to tell a story of change to their customers and the market through media and the CareerOne site. More than a one burst pony, the campaign was recently extended for a second year.