Blooms The Chemist
Better go to Blooms

The challenge

The Australian pharmacy landscape has long been dominated by industry giants shouting about who has the lowest prices. Blooms the Chemist needed to establish a unique position to stand out and give customers a reason to shop at Blooms first. Hardhat was entrusted with developing a new brand platform and bringing it to life with a multi-channel campaign.

Refers to our tendency to concentrate on a single experience or aspect of our lives to the exclusion of all others.

Behavioural insight  |  The Focusing Illusion

The solution

Thanks to millions of dollars in persuasive ad spend, Australians had been led to evaluate the pharmacy category based on one thing only - price - at the exclusion of all other factors. Our solution was to challenge this perception and remind people that there are moments when getting the right care for theirselves or their loved one’s health matters more than saving a few cents.

Further, our research uncovered that Pharmacists are the third-most trusted professionals in Australia, after doctors and nurses. However, competitors had marginalised the role of pharmacists, instead leading with cheap vitamins and low-cost cough syrup. So we knew we had to reinstate your local Bloom’s Pharmacist as the trusted, accessible healthcare professional that’s always there when needed.

Bloom's difference is in its people, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, trusted advice, and accessible pharmacists already profoundly embedded into the brand and the communities they serve. We found that going above and beyond was standard practice for people who worked at Blooms; giving customers the right, personalised, attentive care was their priority. We needed to encourage customers to question how they’d been shopping the category and demonstrate how important this extra level of care can be. This sentiment is succinctly captured by the new platform, ‘Better go to Blooms’.

We put Blooms' community-minded network of pharmacies at the core of an uplifting, care-based narrative. The emotive, uplifting campaign clarifies that Blooms is the place to go when you need ‘expert care that just comes naturally’.

The results

The Better go to Blooms platform captured the meaningful moments between pharmacists and customers and struck a chord with shoppers nationally, increasing sales and positive customer sentiments. By emphasising the importance of seeking expert advice and care in the moments that matter, we differentiated Blooms as your trustworthy healthcare destination and encouraged customers to reevaluate how they shopped the category.