Pay Better

The challenge

In 2021 our partnership with Afterpay ramped up in a major way. Earlier in the year, the brand had locked in its new logo, colour palette and the beginnings of a creative idea around ‘metaphors’. With Afterpay’s customer base still significantly skewed towards millennial female fashionistas, our opportunity was to help the brand be seen as more relevant to more people in more places.

The framing effect refers to how we can interpret the same information differently depending on the way in which it is presented.

Behavioural insight  |  The Framing Effect

The solution

With almost 100 out of home sites secured, we got busy developing unique creative messaging for each and every one of them. From ‘Credit card interest is like Punt Road. Best avoided.’ on Melbourne’s most notorious stretch of road, to ‘Afterpay is like spending between the flags.’ on the approach to Bondi, Australians saw Afterpay wherever they turned.

Though every message was different, every canvas looked the same. Bondi Mint green, a short, sharp line and Afterpay’s omnipresent logo.

The results

The campaign was extended to include targeted, contextually relevant messaging across digital and social channels, all of which were part of a suite of initiatives helped propel Afterpay to its biggest year yet. Over a 12 month period between July 2020 to June 2021, Afterpay saw an 8% increase in active customers, a 44% increase in underlying sales and a 47% increase in active merchants (Afterpay annual report, 2021).


increase in underlying sales
increase in active merchants
increase in active customers