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A redesign of NAB’s credit card comparison tool, with speed, usability and conversion at the core. Uninspired by ‘in-category’ benchmarks, we cast the net wider, bringing in references from industries as diverse as automotive, cycling and fashion.

The result is an additional 3,000 applications a year and a dramatically improved experience for NAB’s customers.

The credit card comparison page on is an important feature for NAB's customers. It’s the place where customers compare the features and benefits of all of NAB’s credit cards and decide which is best for them.

As new cards, offers, features and requirements were added to the six year old page, it became bloated and confusing. NAB was looking for a way to make things quicker, easier and more intuitive for visitors, knowing that this would result in more online applications.

It was our task to make this content easy to navigate and to ultimately drive more views to the page. With such a focused yet fundamentally important task, research, testing and best practice methodology were paramount.

We investigated how people compared products across a plethora of industries, as well as exploring the things that they find important when choosing a credit card. We created multiple versions of the page, tested them in the live environment, and identified the best performing elements of each.

From here, we developed a credit card comparison page that highlights the benefits of each card up front, allows users to filter by their key decision drivers and provides a simple, intuitive experience.

The redesigned page has driven an additional 3,000 credit card applications per annum, resulting in more credit card applications for NAB and a hugely improved experience for customers.



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