Little Creatures gets a not-so-little new website banner
Work | 18.05.2016

Little Creatures gets a not-so-little new website

We just made a new website – yay! We were called in by Little Creatures to help out; with unique venues and events, the craft brewery deliver an unrivalled experience but they desperately needed a website to match.

We wanted to create an end-to-end brand experience, so we worked with their team to revamp the website, focusing on the design, navigation and functionality to make sure it was best in class.

The website needed to reflect ‘all of the little things’: the craft, processes and unique flavour of Little Creatures, to cater for both mainstream and hardcore beer lovers.

Perhaps our favourite addition to the site is the handy beer locator we created – because sometimes, you just need to know where your closest beverage is! Check it out here.

Cheers to that!

Article details Author: Gabi
Copywriter + Content Creator
Published: 18.05.2016


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