Deakin launches swish new Open Day site banner
Work | 25.06.2015

Deakin launches swish new Open Day site

There’s no stopping the Hardhat x Deakin partnership. Now, we’ve just added another site to the list with the launch of the stunning 2015 Open Day microsite.

Every year, Open Day presents itself as an opportunity for universities to show off to prospective students. Wanting to create a hub of excitement around Deakin’s four separate campus open days, we set out to build hype around an event that could not be missed.

The result is a beautiful, responsive site with the intent of capturing the attention of current high school students and other potential Deakin applicants. Individual campus pages ensure that students get the most relevant information for the open day they plan to attend. With the added bonus of being able to browse what’s on and add it to a day planner, students can make sure they get the most out of their time on campus.

It’s the first site launched incorporating the theme of a ‘different perspective’; you can check it out here.

Article details Author: Bryanna
Copywriter, Content Creator + Community Manager
Published: 25.06.2015


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