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Work | 22.10.2015

3D print your own bling with Highpoint

Who needs to buy jewellery when you can 3D print your own designs?! Highpoint are letting you do just that with their latest activation, the 3D Jewellery Box. To support the activation, Hardhat created a series of three instructional videos demonstrating how to make your own jewellery piece using a very cool 3D printing pen. In the videos, you can watch as a few lines form together to create 3D shapes such as paper crane earrings or a Spring Racing ready head piece.

Visit the in-centre activation and you’ll be able to use the pens to design and create your own necklaces, rings, bracelets and headpieces. For those less artistically inclined, there will also be templates and helpers there on the day to help bring your jewellery into full three-dimensional reality. 

Want to see more? Check out all the videos here.

The 3D Jewellery Box is running at Highpoint from Thursday 22nd October - Sunday 1 November. Head on down.

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Published: 22.10.2015


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